Our Story

Joyroot Origins.

Joyroot was created with an interest in spreading joy and health through natural, flavorful ingredients and happy employees. We ensure the health of those who harvest our ingredients and our customers by never using pesticides in our products.

At Joyroot, we make sure that everyone benefits from our products, from our farmers to our fans.

Who We Are.



Steven Howard, Founder / CEO, Seattle, WA

Meet the Tea Maven

After working for 15 years developing beverages for large corporations such as Coke, Pepsi and Campbell’s, Steven recognized a gap in the market for healthy plant-based drinks that are low in sugar but still delicious and refreshing.



Ali Paige, CMO, Portland, OR

Meet the Joy Expert

In 2019, Steven met Ali, who had another vision. She recognized a need for companies to show real concern for their employees. She wanted to work for a company that cared about employee engagement and measured it effectively to ensure that employees were happy.

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